Polski Ruch Przyjaciół Indian

(the Polish American Indian Friends Movement)

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PAIFM is a private society of the Polish admirers of the Indigenous Peoples of North and South Americas, those living there now, and those who left their mark in history. Our group is fascinated with the history, culture and spiritual heritage of the Natives of the New World and includes reseachers, students, and aficionados of the Natives ways. We cooperate with similar groups in Europe and overseas maintaining personal & internet contacts.

PAIFM ia a growing group of people sharing common interest which began to form early in the 70's. Throught individual and collective effors, we constantly develop our passion and meet regularly. For over 35 years now we have been organizing summer camps for us, and for all those who would like to join us, and to learn more about the Native Americans.

People of many backgrounds, characters, education, knowledge and experience stand for PAIFM. What we have in common is our passion, and desire to know more, to share, and to learn from the Peoples, whose frienship we would like to gain.

We - the hosts of the page - have been actively participing in PAIFM and it is our goal and desire to make the Movement ever more popular. The ideals of PAIFM have shaped our lives, and these are the ideals we want to live by. If you share our ideals, if you share our goals, join us. Together we can do more.

If you would like to know more about the Movement and us, write to:

Marek "Shadow" cien(at)indianie.eco.pl

Darek "BlueWind" bluewind(at)indanie.eco.pl